Moleskine App + Art Journaling Collide

I am always trying to find new ways to be creative on the go. I spend the majority of my day in front of a computer screen, so sitting at my iMac to work on my digital art journalling never ends up happening.

Luckily, I came up with an option to art journal on your iPad, iPhone or any Smart Device you have!

Here are the steps I used to create a spread in my Moleskine Journal App.


Collect some of your digital art journaling supplies. The majority of mine are from Sweet Shoppe Designs. Some I paid for, but they often have freebies - so visit them often. Other bits and pieces are downloaded from various websites that offer free elements for digital scrapbooking. Some of the websites have sets specific to Art Journaling as well.

To get the elements onto my iPad, I used Google Drive to sort the ones that I wanted to use and then saved them individually to my iPad. NOTE: all of the files I downloaded to my iPad were .png files with a transparent backgrounds - this is VERY important to make this work. Graphics with white backgrounds (.jpg) will not work for this.

Here is a screenshot of my various elements on my iPad.

Here is a screenshot of my various elements on my iPad.


Download the Moleskine App from your app store (IT IS FREE!) - here is a link to the main page from the Moleskine website - CLICK HERE. Moleskine has apps for all devices - however, these instructions are specific to iPad / iPhone.


Open a new document and write your journal / text onto a new two-page spread. Make sure that you give yourself ample space at the top and the bottom to use your digital scrapbooking supplies.

I used some placement text as an example :)

I used some placement text as an example :)


Decorate your spread with digital scrapbooking supplies until you are happy with the look!

Pretty page all completed!

Pretty page all completed!


  • You can export the pages to print online or with a home printer if you are interested in making a book or printing into an album. Please note that I plan to keep these digital - the export option currently is quite low resolution, and I have not tried printing one commercially. This spread was under 250kb, so I am guessing it will print lower resolution.
  • You can back up your journal using a number of cloud services!
  • Using the LIFT option in your app brings that item to the very top of your spread - this helps you to layer elements and make the layout more interesting!

If you try this out, I would love to see some of your layouts! Please share any other tips below!

Thanks for reading!