Floral Doodle Colouring Page & 3 ways to enjoy your art

I LOVE to doodle. Specifically flowers. There is something about their shapes and endless colours that intrigue me and keep me coming back time and time again to draw and colour them.

Recently I complete a large page of floral doodles! I love the simplistic black on white, but of course we want to add colour!

I knew right away that I wanted to make it a colouring page for the website, so HERE YOU GO!

Download this file by clicking on the photo above and then right clicking and saving the photo - or from this link!

But I also knew I wanted to add watercolour, so first I started with digital watercolour - which resulted in a new product for my Society6 Shop.

watercolor floral doodle

Then I went ahead and used my pan of watercolours!

watercolor doodle floral

They are both great, but different looks completely - which is what I LOVE about digital and hand painted.

Which do you prefer? Show me what you create with the floral colouring page in the comments!