Cheap & Cheerful Decorating - Dollar Store Finds & loving 3M Picture Hanging Strips!

With summer, kids home, work being bonkers and launching my Etsy Shop - there has been little to no blogging around here! Well, today - I will make it up to you and let you know about what I have been working on!

We have lived in our place since December of 2015 and had a TERRIBLE habit of not hanging up ANYTHING. While my partner was away on a golf trip I took it upon myself to decorate the entire house.

With a small budget and a few pieces from our now combined homes, I made the front entrance, bedroom and master bath a little more fantastic.

I found these little beauties at the local Dollarama for just 3 dollars each! Amazing I know. So with these and a pack of those new 3M picture hanging strips, I went to work decorating the walls.

Click the photo for an affiliate link to Amazon to check them out!

Each picture hanging kit comes with a 2-piece hanging set - one piece sticks to the wall and one piece sticks to the back of the art or frame. They are joined with a sort of plastic velcro. The best thing about those strips is that you can place them on the back of the photo or artwork and then stick them right to the wall, then you grab the next one and place it as well. If you make a mistake you can detatch the two pieces and try again. In the photo of the bedroom, it took MANY tries to get those organized.

I have had a few comments about them from friends who wondered if they were from Pier One or somewhere similar. I have chosen to keep my $3 find to myself in most cases. Who needs to know right?

What's your favourite dollar store hack for decorating! I could use some more ideas!